Startup Application Form

Dear Founder,

Thank you for deciding to be a part of our event.

This year we’re doing our seventh edition of Startup Funding Event, where we will involve people from around the globe from over 100 cities. And you’re now a step closer to showcase your startup in front of the biggest investors all over the world. Even though our focus is on local and national communities we make sure to welcome foreign startups and investors. We’ve had foreign investors visit from countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Macedonia, China, U.S.A., and many more…

This time we’ll give you the opportunity to pitch your startup and get linked with relevant partners in an Online networking venue with over 5,000+ relevant people, as well as small matchmaking sessions to keep things intimate and relevant for about 50 people! Of course, as always, the entire event will be filmed for your exposure!

The winner of this event will be shortlisted for the main event, and can get their shot to possibly win the Innovation Funding Award, worth €42,000+.

Outside of our main event, we will also have a separate startup drink and startup-partner matchmaking. Even if you don’t get selected for our main event, you’ll have the opportunity to be able to get selected by one of our partners. That way you can maximize your chances of getting clients, investors, or mentors.

Please take care of filling out the Phase 1 form below. In total there are 3 phases. We will get back to you soon for the rest of the process one month before the deadline. Once signed up, please mark the deadline date in your agenda.

Be aware, that by filling in this form you might get an invitation and a free ticket to visit our event so make sure to book in the date of the event, which you can find if you scroll up. 

For more information about the event & prize please visit the visitors page.

Wishing you all the best,

Startup Funding Event Team


We welcome the following startups:

– Technology-based (Fintech, Edtech, Innovative, Blockchain, …)

– Product-based (Health, Automotive, Aerial, …)

– Sustainable (Cleantech, Smart Cities, Agriculture, …)

– Young & Inspiring Festivals or Events

– Influencers, Coaches, … with a unique idea that have an existing following

– Innovative communities or startups…

“Our only real criteria is to have a positive impact on a human life, and have the potential to change an industry or the world.”

Deadline: 23 PM, Friday 3 September 2021, afterward you can still sign up but you will only qualify for the next event.