5 Best Reasons Why Digital Marketing Works for Startups in 2021

Thanks to the events that transpired in 2020, most businesses, if not all, have been affected. The same can be said for all sectors in the workforce. Higher priority has been given to healthcare and the essential sectors. Frontliners were pushed to the battle line to deal with an invisible enemy. All it took was one deadly virus to set everything in motion. Everyone was not prepared for what was to come. In an instant, everyone was forced to work from home. This included employers, employees, and even students all over the world. 

Currently, physical mobility has been restricted to limit the movement of COVID-19. It has caused everyone to meet online via Zoom, Google Meet, or other similar platforms. The use of laptops and other electronic devices has increased since everyone is at home. With the latest news updates, you have seen which businesses have flourished. Others have closed for good. Even big corporations who have existed for the longest time are not exempted from this. Under these tumultuous times, you may have noticed which players get to sink or swim. Many startups are produced during times of uncertainty such as this.

Now that everyone is spending more time online, what is that one tool that every startup should invest in? Digital marketing should be taken into consideration. One way or the other, it should all be part of your brilliant plan. You can still be on your way to formulating one of your own at the start of an exciting journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the road to building your brand from scratch or have an established one. Everyone wants their startups to become successful. Here are five of the best reasons why you should switch to digital marketing.

Low cost, high revenue


“Startups have some unique struggles, especially regarding financing. That’s because investors are looking for the highest potential return on investment while balancing the associated risks.” – The Small Business Association

It’s a known fact that a majority of startups have tight budgets to work with. This set of challenges are disguised as opportunities. Adopt this go-getter attitude and things will work in your favor. Once you’ve incorporated this, there is no stopping for your startup. The great thing about startups is that they make the most out of a limited budget to generate the most revenue. The end goal is customer conversions. They will dictate the revenue stream for your company. 

Even if you are fortunate enough to work with a considerable amount, be careful. Always stick to a certain budget. Lacking in planning or researching will spell out disaster. Don’t blow it off on expensive or irrelevant courses or software you’re not sure you need. You may not even need them in the first place. The amount that you spend is not a guarantee that you’ll generate more revenue. It’s better to work with a budget, decide which strategies are fit, and install them.

Invest in a well-prepared development plan. Balance the associated risks and decide whether they’re worth pursuing. In reality, a flawless plan doesn’t exist. Unexpected challenges will force you to tweak your plan. Not to worry, this is normal. It’s all part of the process. These improvements will help set your plan into action. As time flies, you will improve your ability to generate sales or leads at a lower cost.

Adaptable, innovative, and dynamic


The beauty of startups is that they are formed in times of uncertainty. Believe it or not, Airbnb, Instagram, and Linkedin are some of the biggest brands out there. These popular brands once started as startups. Why did these startups soar into popularity? Someone took well-calculated risks and struck at the right time. During the height of the pandemic, expect a lot of startups to take advantage.

What do all these startups have in common? They preyed on the right digital marketing tools. They incorporated them into their long term vision and targeted the right audience. The best time to attack is knowing there is less competition out there. You know you’ve succeeded when there are lots of copycats out there.

The 20th century allowed traditional marketing to work for most companies. They invested in visual cues. This kind of marketing used billboards, flyers, and other forms. For the past couple of years, there is a paradigm shift that leans towards digital marketing. Why is that? It’s because all your potential customers can be found online.


The strength of any startup lies in its innovation. Their ability to mold and adapt despite the many challenges they face. They find the best solution to any problem until it is resolved. Startups keep on moving forward until they reach the ultimate goal. They should start investing in digital marketing strategies that work for them. 

Digital marketing is the backbone of any startup. Why is that? It’s because startups are technology-oriented and have high growth potential. The people behind these amazing startups tend to be young, aggressive, and tech-savvy. They are driven and talented individuals who work to achieve a certain goal. Opposed to large corporations, startups disguise themselves as lean but mean machines. They tend to make better uses of technology and incorporate them into their long term vision.

It’s no secret that technology is rapidly changing. Every day, there will be always something bigger, better, and faster. Everyone is trying to keep up in this rat race. That’s why sticking solely to traditional marketing isn’t enough. Today’s companies have to make that transition by adopting digital marketing strategies. Otherwise, they become obsolete and are replaced. Today, small businesses can survive using digital marketing alone.

Tap into the consumer’s psyche


Harvard professor, Gerald Zaltman, says the subconscious mind handles 95% of purchasing decisions. Find a way to tap into the subconscious of your consumers. Provide them authentic and positive experiences. By making them feel good from the inside, they become receptive to whatever it is you have to offer them. Look into research that combines digital psychology and consumer behavior. You will learn a lot by customizing to their needs and wants.

Once you identify the profile of your users, the easier you’ll tap into the consumer’s psychology and psyche. You can expect their wants and needs. With this in mind, you can foresee what your brand can explore and go into. Learn more about consumer behavior. It will be easy to establish a deep and meaningful relationship with consumers. It could be the difference when it comes to conversions. 

Higher audience engagement


Before anything else, identify who your target audience is. Then, align the right digital marketing strategies for your business. Don’t be afraid to engage with them and ask what they want through blogs, forums, or social media. Building key relationships will solidify that hard-earned trust. A positive experience with your brand will leave an impact on any satisfied customer. This will increase the chances of that customer buying more products later on. 

Once you’ve identified who your target audience is, the easier it is for you to sell your products or services. Once your audience is attracted to what you have to offer, it’s easy to reach a higher audience engagement. The true challenge is connecting with your audience and allowing the numbers to grow. Growing an organic number of followers or subscribers is a dream come true for anyone.

The first goal would be tapping into potential customers. You’ll find them within your neighborhood first. After all, you’ve got to start somewhere. This is great for a while but you’ll start to expand your business. Investing in digital marketing is the best way to tap into other markets. Starting from your community and spreading globally as well! Spreading your resources will increase your online visibility. There’s a higher chance that your targeted audience is on the other side of the world if you know where to look.

Thanks to the pandemic, people are required to stay home for safety purposes. Individuals have access to their electronic devices whether it’s for work or leisure. As a result, everyone is spending more time on the internet more than ever. According to DigitalMarketing.org, almost 4 billion people spend time on social media. You can incorporate different channels of social media into your digital marketing strategy. As a result, your online presence will increase and be seen by potential customers. Take advantage of this while everyone is online in every part of the globe.

Observe what the big players are doing on Twitter. Take Starbucks, PlayStation, and Samsung for example. When someone reacts to their brand, chances are a bot isn’t responding to them. Someone on the other side is responding and communicating to that person. A genuine response followed by a retweet is enough to put a smile on that person’s face. The way you interact with your audience says everything about you and what your brand stands for. 

Above everything else, establishing human connections are important. It will create brand loyalty among your targeted audience. Being authentic will grow your audience by thousands or if you’re lucky, millions. If they like your brand, they will share it on different platforms on social media.

Imprints brand recognition


What are your favorite brands? Without a doubt, you can name a few from the top of your head. Check the big brands out there who have made a large impact on their consumers. When you think of a sports brand, Nike will be an obvious answer. When you need a transport service, you’ll turn to your Uber or Lyft app on your phone. These companies have stamped their brand presence onto the public. Even if there are a lot of competitors out there who have similar products or services, one thing is certain. Customers will remain loyal to the one that gives them the best experience. Stick to brand awareness and positive customer experience. It will elevate one’s status. 

Why should you work on your online presence? Once you learn about a new brand, what’s the first thing you do? That’s right, you’ll Google what the brand is about. First, its credentials will be checked out. This means whether a company is legitimate or not. Its website and social media should cover the basics and answer all questions. Second, your content will determine how long a person will stay on your website. That’s why it’s important to have engaging and interesting content for your brand. Third, customers will respond if they see there is a need for your product or service. The more you can convince them, the more it will lead to a sale.

As a startup, you need to start thinking about yours too. What separates your brand from the rest? Do it with style backed up with engaging content. Most importantly, it needs to be and feel authentic. Brand recognition starts with creating a lasting impact on your targeted audience. When you carry out a digital marketing campaign, it will reach thousands of people. The challenge lies within converting a viewer into a potential customer. Review all the vital stats that look into consumer behavior. If you adopt a strategy that works, this should not be a problem for you. If not, review your existing ones, drop the ones that don’t work, and try other methods.


Are you ready to incorporate digital marketing into your startup? By considering everything, start on the right foot today. All startups thrive under uncertain circumstances. They have great flexibility and can handle whatever challenge is thrown upon them. Your long term vision will keep everything in check. By fine-tuning hiccups, the outcome will come out better. When it is done, a startup will grow, so will its customers. That’s the beauty of any modern startup backed up by like-minded and strong-willed people.

With digital marketing, there’s a lot to choose from but invest in quality over quantity. Create an incredible website, enhance search engine optimization and so much more. Your website and social media content should delight and engage your audience. There are plenty of strategies to work with. Explore which ones work for your startup and drop those that don’t. Drop costly methods that don’t rake in the desired revenue.




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