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The Future of the Gig Economy: Choice or Necessity

To work from home, with a flexible schedule, autonomy, and career development! Thanks to the gig economy. At first stance, these expressions appeal to workers seeking a job. But in reality, how do workers experience work in the digital world compared to the physical world? The gig economy can bring flexibility, autonomy, and career development, […]

Lance Allred – Impact Talks Episode 3 Transcript

  Transcript: Welcome to the Impact Talks Podcast. Today we have Lance Allred with us. Obviously, I always want to ask you who you are, what do you do and what your current job is. Just tell the listeners everything. Oh, well. That’s a loaded question, so I retired from basketball about five years ago, […]

Ynzo van Zanten – Impact Talks Episode 5 Transcript

Transcript: Lova Welcome to the Impact Talks Podcast. Today, we have a cool guest with us today, Ynzo, introduce yourself and for which company do you work for?   Ynzo Hi. Yes, it’s great to be here. Thanks for that. My name is Ynzo van Zanten.   Ynzo I’m the Choco evangelist of Tony’s Chocolonely, […]

Emilio Risques – Impact Talks Episode 2 Transcript

Transcript: OK. Welcome to the new podcast. Today, we have Emilio with us, who is heading Asics V.P. Innovation. If I understand correctly, for Europe, Central Africa, Africa and Central… What was it…   Europe, Middle East and Africa.   I’ve seen that you were responsible for getting Asics  to 18 from 18 place to […]

Simone van Neerven – Impact Talks Episode 1 Transcript

  Transcript: Welcome to the to the podcast. So these podcasts go quite yeah, pretty flexible. So not really a topic, but obviously I am super interested in what you do. So thereby here. So first obviously introduction about yourself. Please let me know what you do. And also because I read a lot on […]

Winnaar Innovation Funding Award: SKOON

“SKOON, schoon maar dan op z’n Engels” 18 Startups streden om die felbegeerde plaatsing in de finale van het Startup Funding Event. Allen hebben ze zich met hun pitch proberen te plaatsen, maar alleen de beste drie kregen de kans om hun startup opnieuw te pitchen. Avy en SolidWater kwamen op de gedeelde tweede plek, […]

Startup Funding Event Rotterdam 12 April 2018

  “WE BELIEVE IN SHARING INNOVATION FOR THE FUTURE” Rotterdam is rijk aan talloze jonge en energieke startups. Daarom organiseren verschillende partijen dit jaar het Startup Funding Event. Het karakteristieke Groothandelsgebouw is op 12 april het decor voor het event, waar de meest uiteenlopende ondernemers hun startup mogen pitchen. En ze maken allemaal kans op […]