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14 Important Things to Know on Becoming an Entrepreneur

Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur. But not everyone can live that crazy lifestyle full of terrible risks and high rewards. It’s easy when you mouth out those words “I want to become an entrepreneur”. It’s based on your perceptions and beliefs that all entrepreneurs are successful. They seem to have it all. The financial […]

How to Start Building Wealth As a Teenager from Nothing

Having wealth is easy. That’s only if you inherit a great number of assets from your parents or other family members, right? This only belongs to a small percentage of people in the entire world. Most likely, they came from wealthy backgrounds and have successful businesses. Others got wealthy because they knew where to invest […]

4 Ways You Can Start Building Your Wealth in Your Teens

At this age, the world does provide unlimited opportunities. In fact, this generation (and the ones to come) are lucky. Every day, our lives keep on improving. Most of our necessities have been met and it’s time to deal with other things. Also, it’s a matter of perception. If you have a negative perspective, you […]

4 Things School Failed to Teach You About Money

Everyone wants to have money. Lots of it. Who doesn’t? Admit it, it’s part of human nature. It’s because everyone wants to afford a certain lifestyle. Sure, it’s wonderful to have beautiful things such as cars, houses, and other luxuries. Let’s say you do become successful in your startup. Your bank accounts are looking nice. […]

5 Best Purchases Everyone Can Make in Their 20s

Fresh from your teenage years, the 20s are the best period. It’s the time where you have gained true independence. It’s a time of change as well. You might have moved out of your parents’ house and starting on your own. Without realizing it now, it will become the most turbulent period in your life. […]

How to Gain Financial Independence in 4 Easy Steps

Who doesn’t want to achieve financial freedom? Everyone does! We know for a fact that many of us want to retire as early as possible. Some of us want to achieve success early in this lifetime. We don’t want to have an 8-5 job until the golden age of retirement. Do we have to wait […]

7 Useful Skills To Survive in the Entrepreneurial World

In the present times, it’s so easy to get lost in the world of distractions. There is a lot of digital noise everywhere. This is rather difficult especially if we have a distinct goal or vision in mind. Let’s face it, there’s no perfect equation that will bring us there. We have to rely on […]

How Failures Made Jack Ma Rich and Successful

Billionaire. Investor. Philanthropist. Those three defining words shed light on Jack Ma. Today, he is getting attention for the wrong reasons but let’s take a step back and focus on his road to success. Not everyone could pull what he did and become one of the richest men in China. Many can say that he […]

6 Inspiring Philosophies StartUps Can Pick Up From Bruce Lee

What do Cobra Kai, The Matrix, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon have in common? These movies and series have some of the most groundbreaking scenes. It is due to the perfect execution of the smoothest martial arts choreography. These action type of movies would not have existed if it wasn’t for one man. That’s right, […]


5 Best Reasons Why Digital Marketing Works for Startups in 2021

Thanks to the events that transpired in 2020, most businesses, if not all, have been affected. The same can be said for all sectors in the workforce. Higher priority has been given to healthcare and the essential sectors. Frontliners were pushed to the battle line to deal with an invisible enemy. All it took was […]