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Why Zoho CRM Should Be Your Next Sales Tool

Using customer relationship management software is beneficial for any business. It’s a one-stop-shop where you can integrate everything. This kind of technology allows companies to learn from potential customers. Not only that but they get to interact with existing customers. Every company faces the same challenge. This challenge is to get their customers to remain […]

How to Use Hubspot CRM as a Sales Tool Among Startups

What keeps a business running? If you said the people who run the company or work in it, you’re almost there. Believe it or not, it’s the customers! They are the most important assets because, in reality, they are the ones that keep a business going. Think of it this way. If your business doesn’t […]

How to use Notion for Startup Sales Teams

Organization is something that some of us often struggle with daily. There are so many things to deal with in a short amount of time. But hey, it’s a matter of putting the highest to least priorities on the list. Organized people have no problem with this. It’s because it has been wired in them […]

3 Ways to Create a Hyper Productive mindset like Stephen Covey

Everyone is fond of self-help books. Why? It’s because they’re practical and easy to digest. They are very effective. It is because they point people who need help in the right direction on whatever aspect that may be. Self-help books tend to simplify the complicated. Instead of digesting everything as a whole, it is digested […]

4 mistakes and lessons to be more assertive and get what you want

Every one of us has specific milestones in life. Might it be to achieve a degree, to get the dream job, or build a business from scratch. To achieve these targets we often think of studying the material that underlines the discipline thoroughly will be enough. Think of Bill Gates or Elon Musk, who just […]

The 4 most relevant Sales software tools for Startups

When you are working in sales, you are probably busy. And with busy, we mean very busy. Your typical responsibilities include everything from selecting potential targets, research to defining priorities. On top of that, you need to plan and monitor everything and execute the deals. These are many tasks at once and have to be […]

Alex Clark – Impact Talks Episode 7 Transcript

Transcript: Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today we have Alex Clark with us, game creator and YouTuber. Alex, tell us where you’re from, what you do, and for what people might know you from. Hey, I’m in Los Angeles, in the United States, and in addition to making that card game we were […]

Top Marketing Lessons from Comedians

Comedians and marketers have a lot in common. Making it in the entertainment industry goes beyond getting people to laugh. On top of humor and talent, you’ll also need to know how to market yourself. From content marketing to social media marketing and collabs, here are four well-known comedians and their strategies.  Kevin Hart Kevin […]

Sarah Cooper’s Rise to Fame | A Guide to TikTok Marketing

Rising to fame in April 2020, Sarah Cooper’s success came from her TikTok popularity. Earlier this year, Cooper posted videos of herself lipsyncing to Trump’s interviews, and they went viral. One of her videos based on an audio recording of Trump discussing disinfectants to treat the coronavirus has been viewed more than 20 million times.  […]


Shaping Your Business With Brand Purpose

Slave labor is very much real and part of our everyday life. Every time you go to the supermarket, there is a good chance that you bought a couple of products that are produced by what we call modern slavery. Modern slavery is the severe exploitation of other people for personal or commercial gain.  A […]